Ongo Core Belief Breakout Room Practice

In this practice, your partner will be the voice of your mind, creating some space for you to experience your thoughts as a witness. Choose five thoughts from your lists that you would most like to practice with and show them to your partner.

Your partner will say these thoughts out loud to you, one at a time, with feeling — not like a robot reading a script.

After each thought is read, your partner will offer their silent, empathic presence while you practice self-empathy. Say any emotions of body sensations you notice out loud.

Sense what your Needs are there. What quality of life is the though expressing? Say the Needs out loud, and your partner will record them on a piece of paper.

When you feel ready to empathize with another thought, let your partner read the next thought on your list to you.

Once you have self-empathized with all five thoughts, take a deep breath. Your partner will read back to you just the Needs that you identified, slowly, one by one. Take this time to deeply connect to what each of these Needs means to you and how they feel in your body.

From this connection to the Needs, sense if there are any requests you would like to make of yourself to what you’re in touch with now. Your partner will record any requests that come.

Then you switch roles.