The intent of this site is to find ways to nurture wise, compassionate communications in that incomprehensibly vast and often maligned network of networks — the Internet.

Is tackling this in itself a gargantuan task? Of course. But, all one can ever do is address one tiny piece at a time. And it seems utterly worthwhile simply to try.


The Author

There are three things it might be helpful to know about me. The confluence of these factors is what motivated me to create this site.

  1. I love the Web. I’ve been creating on the Web since its innocent infancy, becoming what was then termed a “webmaster” in 1994 and continuing on this path until 2020, when I retired. I grieve seeing its reputation so badly damaged by forces such as social media and the attention-driven economy.
  2. I’ve been at least Buddhist-leaning, and often actively Buddhist, since 1971. In January 2016 I became a member of the Rochester Zen Center and a formal student of Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede. To be clear, I’m just a committed student — nowhere close to being a teacher.
  3. In 2011 I began practicing Nonviolent Communication (NVC). NVC has changed my life and I’ve watched it have an enormous positive impact on about a dozen dear friends. But once again, I’m far from being a teacher or trainer.

Note: September 2011

My voice on this site became more personal on September 5th. So the next section is only part of the story. I will update this page as soon as I have time to think this through.

Giraffe View

For those who would like my name, it’s Anna Belle Leiserson. That said, my aim with this site is not personal. It’s what’s NVC terms a “giraffe” view.

With its high, long-range perspective, the giraffe can see a larger swath of the landscape. Thus it symbolizes attention on inclusivity and the long-term ramifications of how we communicate. These days that includes the largely overlooked or manipulated styles of communication on the Internet.

The other reason Marshall Rosenberg chose the giraffe as a symbol for NVC is that it has the largest heart of any land animal. Which brings us back to compassion … including in “The Cloud.”

Contact Info

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