NVC Empathy Practices

For Zoom and Other Video Teleconferencing Software

My Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Practice Group is in the early stages of compiling this list. To learn more about it, please see ….

NVC Empathy Practices You Can Use Online

  1. NVC’s Original “OFNR” Model: Observations, Feelings, Needs, Requests
  2. Focus on body sensations, explore feelings, and focus on needs
  3. Focus on needs and possible strategies if appropriate
  4. Robert Gonzales Gong Method. Listen to a person talk for 2 minutes saying nothing, gong (?) then ask them to continue talking for another 2 minutes, gong, then talk for 2 more minutes. Process the experience afterwards.
  5. Role play
  6. Conflict Resolution process ( Carl’s process)
  7. Fifi’s “Quiet Process”
  8. Four chairs
  9. Dissolving Enemy Images

Tips for Offering Empathy on Zoom

  • Pair participants in breakout rooms.
  • In lieu of a white board to record needs, etc.
    • The person receiving empathy jots down notes.
    • A person who is listening writes a list and holds it up to their camera.
    • A person who is listening writes them in the chat to everyone. (Note: these can later be downloaded and shared via email.)

NVC Empathy Practices Requiring Physical Space

  1. NVC Dance Board
  2. Grok Cards
  3. Four Chairs


If you have ideas of practices to add to this page or other suggestions, please contact me.