Pause with Mobile Wallpaper

Meditating frog with word "Pause"
Mobile wallpaper: Meditating frog

If I could teach people only one tool for training in presence it would be to pause.

~ Oren Jay Sofer. Say What You Mean, p. 45.

Two months ago, I made a commitment to pause online — “before launching into an email, a social media post, or even a text message.” It proved a fruitful practice while I did it. But after a few days I forgot. Completely.

Then, three days ago, I ran across the above quote from Oren Jay Sofer. Each morning since I’ve set an intent to pause as often as I could during the day.

The first day was a complete and utter failure — but I could only go up from there. Day two I went from 0 to about 5 m.p.h., remembering to pause some during easy-going meal conversations with my husband, though forgetting during more challenging conversations. Today I’m at about 10 m.p.h., so solid progress.

What’s helped the most is the little “Pause” notes I’ve put around the house. And today I designed a few wallpapers to use on my mobile. I imagine they’ll help too.

I have a guess that there are others who could use reminders like this, so here they are for you to download.

Photo of leaves with the word "Pause"
Mobile wallpaper: Leaves
Photo of dusk with the word "Pause"
Mobile wallpaper: Dusk


Dusk photo by Eléonore Kemmel on Unsplash