Online Wise Speech Course with Oren Jay Sofer

Oren Jay Sofer

If I had to name just one resource for Wise Speech it would be Buddhist teacher and CNVC trainer Oren Jay Sofer.

In addition to publishing the most helpful book on wise speech that I know of (Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication), beginning tomorrow, he is offering a free 6-week online course: Wise Speech: An Introduction to Mindful Communication.


What About Wise Speech Online?

In his initial homework assignments for the course Oren mentions the possibility of keeping a journal. My intention is to do that using the blog on this site. My posts will focus on wise speech on the Internet — hopefully finding ways to apply the foundational principles he explores to growing compassion in “The Cloud.”

This is the second year he has offered this groundbreaking course. Assuming this year’s outline is similar, topics I am likely to cover will be:

  1. “An Ancient Map.” How the Buddha’s teachings on Right Speech apply to the Internet. This starts with awareness.
  2. “Compassionate Communication.” How might one use “the core template of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication” online?
  3. “Inner and Outer Listening.” What might that look like when we’re using our various electronic devices?
  4. “Transforming Habits.” To quote Oren, we will “explore how our communication habits get encoded in our nervous system, how to recognize those signs, and begin to transform these patterns of energy in our mind and body.” Of course in this era that includes our electronic communication habits.
  5. “Speaking Your Truth.” This begins with discerning what is true — arguably a particularly urgent skill to cultivate on the Internet.
  6. “Compassion and Interdependence.” Quoting Oren again: “Relationship is at the heart of the Buddha’s teachings, and the entire path can be understood as a process of transforming how we relate to life.” While it often may not seem like it, being online is life too. What might such a transformation look like when we’re in The Cloud?

With much gratitude to Oren and his staff,